Welcome to the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI) Student Branch! We are a subset branch of the national organization. The club is an excellent opportunity for students to get their foot in the door for building a career in aerospace engineering. It is catered to provide self development and connect members to the space and aviation industries in Canada.

Karina Sapelnikova | Founder

A fifth-year Mechanical Engineering co-op student, Karina's passion for aerospace is what pushed her to form this Student Branch. After attending the CASI AERO Conference in 2017 she came back to the University of Alberta with a mission to build on what she saw. She hosted the First Annual AERO Day which was a huge success and garnered support for CASI. "It's for any student who shares a passion for aviation and space."

Andre Ulliac | President

A first-year Engineering student, with a drive to push through where others falter, Andre has proven perseverance in accomplishing difficult tasks. Always full of great ideas to bring our branch to the forefront. A gentleman with a bright future ahead of him wherever he chooses to go. 

Aleeza Batool | Executive Vice President Administration

A second year Co-op Materials Engineering student, with excellent team management skills, always keeping everyone on track to what is next. The meeting notes organizer who is always willing to listen to everyone's perspective before it is done. Cool and collected, Aleeza has set her sight to the stars. 

Kirtan Dhunno | Executive Vice President External

A fifth-year Mechanical Engineering student, with a proven ability to check on what others have missed. Without the need for recognition, Kirtan is always there to support when needed. Replying to emails and messages very promptly, and willing to do difficult but important tasks with astonishing speed. 

Pardeep Dhaliwal | Executive Vice President Communication

A graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta, with a passion for space aiming to further the industry here in Canada. Always willing to assist the team wherever he can, and giving credit where it is due. His favorite scientist, Carl Sagan, has taught him more than he could ever imagine.