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CASI was founded in 1954 and is a non-profit scientific and technical organization for people interested in aeronautics and astronautics. We serve the needs, promote the capabilities, and celebrate the accomplishments of Canadian AERO and SPACE professionals and organizations. 

Today, CASI furthers the Canadian Space and Aerospace fields by giving students scholarships, holding workshops, conferences and symposiums each year that draw delegates from across Canada and around the world. These events offer members a way to share leading developments in their fields of interest while focusing a spotlight on the achievements of the delegates and their organizations. As a CASI member, you enjoy significant discounts on conference fees. To apply to become a member today please visit the official CASI website using the button below.

The 2018 CASI Astro Conference was a huge success! 

Next year's conference will be focused on Aerospace in 2019!

Hosted in Quebec City at Hotel Delta, this 3 day conference will include all the major industry leaders. It will be filled with professionals who share the same goals. 


Coming up fast! If you are interested in getting involved in aerospace and looking to start a career in the space and aeronautics industry, Aero Day 2018 is for you!

The Elvie L. Smith Scholarship

The Award has a monetary value of $5,000.00 as determined by Pratt & Whitney Canada, sponsor of the Scholarship. To be eligible for the Elvie L. Smith Scholarship, the nominee must be in the last year of undergraduate studies in the year he or she receives the scholarship, be a Canadian citizen, and be a student member in good standing of CASI. The Elvie L. Smith Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who is following a post-secondary degree or diploma course recognized by the Institute. For more information please visit here.

Free Flight Competition for Junior Members

CASI is committed to serving Junior members by offering events and activities that are enjoyable, educational and worthwhile. The CASI Free Flight Competition began in 1994 and is offered to university undergraduate and community college students.

The competition consists of designing, building and launching, by means of a tow line, an unpowered aircraft with a two meter wingspan and an empty weight of 1200 grams. Teams are also required to submit a detailed report describing the aircraft in terms of its aerodynamics, overall design, engineering challenges and materials used.

Free Flight 2018 will not be taking place, but keep an eye out for more information regarding what's to come in 2019.

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